Our impact

joni is an impact-driven brand in the business of a triple bottom line: people, planet, and prosperity. We make products that benefit the environment, are good for our bodies, and gives back to support our communities. Whether it's working with non-profit organizations or disrupting the period care industry with innovative and sustainable products, we're here to empower everyone who menstruates.

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Our eco commitment

Our period care products are certified biodegradable, organic, and compostable. Many mainstream disposable options contain chemicals that can cause irritation, and are made with non-renewable, petroleum-based plastic. Instead, joni pads feature a protective bio-film layer derived from renewable, plant-based materials. We are working on a full joni product line of both reusable and disposable period care options because we believe you should be able to choose what works best for your body. A our bodies and cycles change, so do our needs, period care is about choice not an either / or.

Accessible period care

joni is on a mission to make period equity possible. We use at least 5% of our revenue to provide period products to our non-profit partners who ensure they get into the hands that need them most. At the front lines driving menstrual equity forward, these partners are instrumental in advocating for new policies and initiatives across Canada.
We're stronger together!

Our non-profit partners:

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Our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion.

At joni, diversity, equity and inclusion form the foundation of our business model through our mission to make period equity possible, supported by our company values: unapologetic inclusivity, different on purpose, and bodily agency. Our small but mighty team is made stronger through diverse representation and we are constantly learning and expanding our minds so we can best empower everyone who menstruates.