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Managing subscriptions

We want to put the power into your hands when it comes to managing your subscription. The following steps will give you access to make the changes you need, from changing product to setting the frequency. To update your subscription, follow these simple steps:

  1. After you have set up a subscription, you must complete your account registration in order to make changes here and scroll down to where it says "New customer."
  2. Enter the same email you used to set up your subscription.
  3. Create a password.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email right away.
  5. Once registered, login here or click on the person icon on the top right of any page. Your subscription and account are now linked and you may make changes to your account.

Having trouble? Reach out to our awesome support team at

To update your subscription payment method, login to your joni account and click on "Manage Account" in the top right corner. From here, click the option for "Manage Subscription". Scroll to the bottom to the section titled "Bill to" and click "Change payment info."

Orders & Shipping

We ship joni products via Canada Post letter mail in order to keep our shipping costs low so we can continue to offer free shipping anywhere in Canada, including remote regions. While Canada Post does not offer tracking, most packages arrive within 7-10 business days for major locations and 10-15 business days for more remote areas. You will receive an email from us automatically to let you know when your order has left our warehouse. If you are concerned about your order’s whereabouts, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Instead of mailing each package separately, we can now ship multiple packages together in our plant-based certified compostable mailers! If your order is too large for one mailer, it will be sent out in an additional mailer. Please note that even though we send these out simultaneously, they occasionally arrive on separate days. If you receive a partial order, give it a few days for your second package to arrive. When in doubt, let us know and we can confirm your order for you.

Because of the nature of period products, we cannot accept returns; however, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're not happy, please get in touch and we promise to make it right.


Yes! We're proud to support workplaces, educational institutions and NGOs across Canada with wholesale organic pads and tampons to support their period equity and gender equality initiatives. We have also created several free-vend dispensers to support organizations of all sizes, including an award-winning battery-operated wall dispenser with a timed release. Learn more about how to make your organization period friendly here and reach out to us for more info at


We not only want to ensure that our products are safe and sustainably produced, we also want to ensure that the partners we work with have values that align with ours. To that end, we have sourced manufacturers in China for our organic, plastic-free pads and Slovenia for our organic, plastic-free tampons. Both factories meet our requirements and can scale as we grow.

The factories are certified for ISO 9001, OEKO TEX, FSC, FDA, TUV, and SGS. We ensure our suppliers are compliant with modern standards of health and safety, equal opportunities, and diversity. We also ensure that our suppliers are aware of and comply with environmental standards as we work toward our BCorp Certification.

Yes! joni pads do not contain plastic made from petroleum, which is the standard plastic found in mainstream pads. Instead, joni's protective layer is a plastic made from compostable bioplastic, which is plant based (made from cornstarch). We also use this material as a wrapper.

joni tampons are also plastic free since they do not use an applicator and each is wrapped in a film comprised of compostable cellulose.

Ingredients: Eco-Cert bamboo, non-GMO cornstarch, FSC-certified wood pulp, cellulose BPI-compostable polymer, plant-based SAP, PLA & PBAT, food-grade adhesive.

joni products are also OEKO-TEX STeP tested and certfied free from harmful chemicals and fragrances, and that joni complies with demanding environmental protection and social responsibility requirements. joni is vegan friendly and never tests on animals.

Read more about joni products on Our Products Page.

We use ethically sourced FSC-certified bamboo in our pads because it’s one of the most sustainable plants on earth. Bamboo grows in the wild without requiring any interference and is naturally anti-bacterial and so doesn’t require any pesticides. Additionally, bamboo consumes 10x less water to grow, has zero bi-product waste, and is 3x softer than organic cotton. We convert bamboo into fibres using the “OEKO-TEX standard 100” certified closed-loop process to have the least possible impact on the environment and to ensure that joni pads are completely free of any harmful chemicals.

Yes, we are very particular about how materials are sourced and who we work with. Our bamboo pulps are FSC-certified to ensure the sustainability of the plant. Components within the product has been tested for harmful substances. We also utilize a closed-loop bamboo process in our manufacturing. joni is OEKO-TEX STeP certfied for chemical-free materials and sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes.

joni pads are on average 92% biodegradable in 12 months under standard compost conditions and do not use conventional plastic that takes over 300 years to break down & our wrappers are 100% certified compostable.Conventional pads use the equivalent of 4 plastic bags. That adds up! joni pads offer a sustainable disposable solution.

joni pads have SAP and food-grade non-toxic adhesives in them, which takes longer to biodegrade in standard conditions.

We are actively working towards making period products 100% biodegradable as part of our #progressnotperfection value.

Under ideal conditions, joni pads and tampons degrade within 12 months vs the decades or centuries it can take for plastic products to break down. While pads and tampons cannot generally go into municipal composts, they can be cut up and placed in some home composters. Otherwise, joni period care products can be thrown into your regular garbage where they will be taken to the landfill to decompose. As most landfills are compacted and airtight, even biodegradable period care may not break down as expected under ideal conditions. However, since our pads use bioplastics and not petroleum-based plastics, they won’t leave any microplastics or off-gasses behind—like conventional plastic pads may do. Note: tampons should never be flushed down the toilet.

joni tampons are applicator free in order to reduce waste. The tampon of choice in Europe, they are commonly known as “digital” tampons because you use your fingers to insert. joni tampons feature a curved tip for easy insertion and a knotted string for easy removal.

joni tampons come in three absorbencies: regular, super, and super plus. Always choose the lowest absorbency for your flow. If you’re new to tampons, begin with joni regular tampons and level up to a stronger absorbency if needed. Tampons should be changed every four hours and never longer than eight hours.

joni tampons are made from 100% organic cotton, including the absorbent insertion material and the withdrawal string. Our tampons are certified by GOTS, OCS, and OEKO-TEX 100, which ensures that they do not contain any harmful materials or chemicals, such as nitrates, heavy metals, formaldehyde, titanium dioxide, and chlorine. The withdrawal string is coated with a small amount of paraffin emulsion (a GOTS-approved ingredient) as a moisture-repellent to protect blood from passing onto underwear. Each joni tampon is wrapped within a plant-based wrap derived from cellulose, which is BPI and TUV certified for compostability in standard conditions. joni tampons are Health Canada and FDA Approved.  

Our impact

Period poverty is the inability to access menstrual care products. Did you know 1 in 3 people under the age of 25 experiences period poverty in Canada (PLAN Canada)? There are many reasons why period products are inaccessible, from poverty to social stigmas. At joni, we believe access to safe menstrual care is a human right. That's why 5% of all our revenues support period equity initiatives.

Learn more about period poverty and menstrual equity here.

We actively collaborate with local NGOs, schools, and shelters in communities across Canada in our mission to make period equity possible and fight period poverty.

Since we launched in 2020, we donated over 120,000 pads and supported over 12,000 periods through organizations that include The Period Purse, Period Packs, Mamas for Mamas, United Way, Moontime Sisters BC, TwelveDonations and many other non-profits across Canada. See more partners here.

As a social enterprise, giving back to our communities is baked into our business model. We are formally committed to donate the equivalent of 2% of revenues or more to charitable partners each year (including in kind product donations).

joni was co-founded by Jayesh Vekariya and Linda Biggs. Read their founding stories here and here. Although pronounced the same way, the name joni has no affiliation to the Canadian singer Joni Mitchell (although Linda has many nostalgic memories of Joni Mitchell playing in the background during family dinners on her in-laws farm). Instead, joniwas chosen because it was powerful, memorable, inclusive and visually beautiful.