Making period care as accessible as toilet paper.

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Game-changing commercial products

Did you know that 87% of people who menstruate are caught off guard and will need to leave work or school to find a solution? joni’s award-winning products are made for all organizations—whatever your size. With joni’s turn-key solutions, it’s easy to build and maintain a menstrual equity program at your organization, university or workplace that also gives back to the community through our 5% giveback model supporting non-profits in your community.
It's game changing period care.

Join the hundreds of organizations across Canada providing free period care and creating more equitable workplaces

Why offer free period-care?

Labour codes in Canada require all federally regulated organizations provide menstrual products in all washrooms — just like toilet paper.


  • Over 26% of the population menstruates
  • 86% of menstruators have gotten an unexpected period
  • 34% of menstruators will leave work to get products
  • Period care at work meets 2 UN Sustainability Goals
Bring joni period care to your organization in 3 easy steps

1. Sign up for a commercial account

Complete the short form and we'll send you an email to confirm your account. Once activated, you'll have the ability to order our commercial products online when you need them.

2. Choose from our 21st-century dispensers

Period care dispensers and the products they use haven't changed much in the last 30 years. Until now.

Model V

An award-winning commercial solution, joni's battery-operated freevend wall dispensers use a 30-second timed delay between selections to discourage overuse.

Size: 50 cm H x 50 cm L • Weight: 8 kg

Model A

joni's open dispensers bring a modern yet functional design that can be wall-mounted or sit on countertop, and are great for employee washrooms and most areas.

Size: 34 cm H x 29 cm W x 13 cm D • Weight: 900g

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3. Choose sustainable pads and tampons for a full turnkey solution

joni’s high-quality pads and tampons fit both Model A and Model V dispensers. Because joni products are hypoallergenic, menstrual wellness is more widely supported than mainstream options. Plus they’re better for the environment!

joni period-care products are proudly:

  • ✔ Organic, biodegradable, and compostable
  • ✔ Free of fragrance and harmful chemicals
  • ✔ Made for sensitive skin
  • ✔ High-quality eco-friendly products for pennies more than conventional plastic options.
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Join the joni Movement

We are proud to provide joni period care products throughout our portfolio of office buildings. We believe providing high quality, sustainably oriented period care products from a locally owned business is a good way to demonstrate our own corporate values and the value we place on those working in our buildings.

joni has made implementation and role out of this service easy, and we have received positive feedback from our tenants. We are very happy with our decision to use joni.

— Karen Jawl, Director at Jawl Properties Ltd.

Join the joni Movement

"Partnering with joni was the best decision because our values aligned. This partnership even supports 7 of the 17 sustainability Sheridan’s UN Sustainability Goals."

— Sheridan University Student Union

Why choose joni commercial solutions?

When you choose joni, you join an ecosystem that's changing people's lives.

Reduce Waste

Offering joni's sustainable, petroleum-free pad and tampon options leads to a significant reduction in waste and waste management vs conventional pads with unnecessary packaging.

Freevend dispenser options

No coins required. Model A is an excellent low cost solution for employee and low traffic areas and our automated Model V features a 30s wait time between selections to support public spaces.

Be part of the solution

Support your DEI and SDG initiatives with joni products and free menstrual equity training opportunities while also supporting your community non-profits partners through our 5% giveback model.

Frequently asked questions

Period care dispensers and the products they use haven't changed much in the last 30 years—until now. Our commercial wall vending machine dispenses both pads and tampons free of charge (aka "freevend").

Battery operated, our Model V features a timed delay to reduce overuse. For smaller washrooms, our Model A is a smaller open dispenser can be wall-mounted or sit on a countertop. Both options feature a modern design to complement any washroom interior.

It depends on the size of your organization and washroom. While our battery-operated commercial machines (Model V) are most popular with large organizations and public spaces, occasionally smaller dispensers are preferred within individual washroom cubicles. If you’re not sure, reach out. We’re happy to discuss your needs and help tailor a custom solution.

It's easy!

1. Pick your dispenser and add to cart

2. Pick you products and add to cart

3. Place your order

Reach out to if you need assistance or a custom commercial solution.

How many menstrual products depends on the size of your organization, and approximately how many people menstruate. Reach out to and we can help provide you with a plan based on your unique situation. You can always adjust future orders to meet changing requirements.

Check out our partner The Period Purse. They provide expert (and free) menstrual education and training sessions for all ages and genders, in English and French. Developed in partnership with medical professionals and led by trained facilitators, their inclusive, period-positive presentations are offered live virtually and in-person, in select locations. 

Need a Custom Solution?

We're here to help.
Join hundreds of organizations across Canada working with us to provide more equitable spaces. Our team works directly with you to build a program that works for your organization - regardless of size.
Reach out and be part of a joni's growing #periodequity ecosystem in Canada.

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