joni x VIATEC: workplace period care

joni x VIATEC: workplace period care

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When you walk into a washroom, it's a given that toilet paper will be there to support our natural body functions. But period care? It's not a standard offering. Yet 83% of people who menstruate report getting caught off guard at work without any product on hand, and a further 34% leave to get supplies for this natural body function. What's the deal?


In a move for greater inclusivity, VIATEC's washrooms now include free period care products. Since 1989, this Victoria, BC, non-profit organization has been in the business of cultivating a cohesive tech community and boosting a sense of belonging while promoting shared opportunities and innovation in the industry. It's no surprise, really, that VIATEC is now leading the way with free workplace period care.


We're excited VIATEC has chosen joni as their period care partner. Read more in VIATEC news about this exciting initiative, how VIATEC decided to move ahead and hear from an employee about what this means personally.


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