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We're Different On Purpose

Better Period Care

Walk the period care aisle and your options are likely stereotypical packaging on conventional plastic products with antiquated messaging that just doesn't resonate. The "all natural" products are not reliable and the conventional brands have ingredients you can't pronounce.

We knew it was time for a new option because the world has changed dramatically, but not enough about mainstream period care has. joni gives you the best of both worlds — all natural and products that work plus a social mission that gives back to the communities we all live in.

A woman looking in the mirror wears underwear with the string of an organic and plastic free tampon

Love Your Vulva & Vagina

We launched in March 2020 with our joni pads that are organic bamboo and are seriously absorbent! The workhorse of pads. 3x softer and 3x more absorbent than organic cotton means you're going to love the way they feel and work. 

We have FDA  approved 100% organic cotton joni tampons that are applicator free to reduce waste. Even the string is 100% organic and the wrapper is a plant-based compostable film.

What's next? We're currently working on bringing in a full period care line of both disposable and reusable products because we believe in bodily agency and you choosing what works best for you without shame or stigma — sign up to our newsletter to stay in the know!

Our Vision — Empowered People Who Menstruate

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How do we do this? Through our 5% for Period Equity mission, we work with non-profits to provide people who need period care with safe, organic, and accessible disposable options.

When 40% of people who have periods have experienced not being able to afford period care products and a box of tampons costs up to $30 in some remote communities, the industry needs a new approach. 

With joni, someone living in a remote community will pay the same price for organic period care as someone living in an urban center. 

It takes a village of empowered people to break the cycle of period shame, period poverty, menstrual inequity, and menstrual stereotypes — with your help, period equity is possible.

A woman washes her hands in the sink secure in knowing her next period care shipment is on the way

We never take it for granted when you choose joni. We're a small grassroots company. Reach out and say hi at

Our Values

be unapologetically inclusive

Everyone matters regardless of economic status, sexual orientation, identity, race or religion — we stand for equality and inclusion.

be different on purpose

From our designs, to our innovative products and period equity mission, we're doing things differently on purpose to challenge the status quo.

be radically transparent

We disclose every ingredient we use in our products to inform and educate so you can make the best decision for your body.