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joni - international PADS ORGANIC SUPER PADS | 10 PADS
joni - international PADS ORGANIC SUPER PADS | 10 PADS joni - international PADS ORGANIC SUPER PADS | 10 PADS joni - international PADS ORGANIC SUPER PADS | 10 PADS joni - international PADS ORGANIC SUPER PADS | 10 PADS
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Our mighty SUPER organic bamboo pads are extra thin, winged, and super flexible for ultra-comfortable, stay-put protection. Great for those medium to heavy flow days and nights. 29.5 CM length for maximum protection. 

  • 10 Ecocert organic bamboo pads
  • Biodegradable within 12 months
  • Extra soft top sheet for sensitive skin and extra comfort
  • Chlorine and dioxin bleach free¬†
  • Individually wrapped in BPI-certified compostable wrapper
  • Recyclable box packaging¬†
  • Medium to heavy flow¬†

    All of the Good

    bamboo pads made with compostable plastic

    Compostable Plastic

    super soft organic bamboo pads

    Super Soft

    joni pads are made with organic bamboo

    Organic Bamboo

    joni pads are environmentally friendly because they are chemical free and biodegradable, plus are made with organic materials

    Environmentally Friendly

    joni's organic period pads are also breathable, which reduces irritation and bacteria


    None of the Bad

    joni pads are free from chemicals


    joni pads are free from chlorine


    joni pads are free from fragrances


    A woman is shown in black underwear using plastic free bamboo pads with wings

    100% good for your vulva

    Full ingredient disclosure: Ecocert organic certified bamboo and cornstarch fibres. BPI and OK-compost by TUV certified biodegradable plastic and paper. 92% biodegradable material, including FSC certified wood pulp and paper. 8% non-biodegradable material such as food-grade adhesive and Sumitomo SAP.

    An open palm holds joni's compostable wrapper made with cornstarch for pads that are plastic free inside and out.

    sustainable & disposable period care

    Not everyone wants to or can use reusable products so having more sustainable disposable options is an important step to a smaller carbon footprint while menstruating. joni pads biodegrade on average 92% within 12 months‚ÄĒcompared to conventional plastic pads that can take several decades‚ÄĒand we‚Äôre working on making that 100%!

    Four diverse people smile, representing joni's mission for menstrual equity

    5% for menstrual equity

    We’ve donated over 100,000 period products since we launched in 2020 and we’re just getting started. 5% of our revenue supports period equity initiatives like educational programs, product donations and research projects in order to empower everyone who menstruates.